Sarath Kuruppath is a well renowned and well sought after motivational icon. In his short span of career as an Inspirational speaker and a personality management expert, the individuals inspired thus far cross the mark of 25,000.


“You can go as far you dream, think and imagine.” - Lailah Gifty Akita

Sarath Kuruppath is a trained Neuro-Linguistic professional who is one of the most sought after motivational speakers. When you see him, you connect with him like a boy next door because of his humongous energy burst both on-stage and off-stage. He can be described as a simple man with a huge passion to help people to dream big.

What makes Sarath special is that - He believes that dreams DO come true when you realize that the human mind is quite mysterious and intuitive where all you need is to master the skill to control the mind. His tactics are tailor-made for his diverse audience. From college students to professionals, Sarath knows what it takes to woo his audience by giving them enough takeaways and inspiration to go ahead and dream BIG!


If you ever get a chance to attend Sarath’s powerpack sessions, you’ll know what it means to keep trying until you win. Through Rudra, his first organization and establishment for delivering motivation programs aim to help attendees understand the true power of their potential which is concealed by fear, self-doubts, apprehensions, disbelief and wavering resolution.

This brainchild of Sarath will be a game-changer in the personal development industry to transform the level of engagement among the attendees while not losing the core objectives.


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“As a professional, I believed I was at the best that I can be. However, a session with Sarath Kuruppath turned my preconception upside down. He made me realize I can be as best as I want to be.”

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“Sarath Kuruppath is an excellent motivator, speaker, counselor, life coach, empowerment trainer, etc. However, the best role I see in him, is as an inspiration.”

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“Sarath Kuruppath leads as an example by himself, not by illustrations”

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“This training session with Sarath Kuruppath has unveiled me as a better person, both in my business and in personal life.”

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“Being a top executive, I believed I was a know-it-all in the field of sales. Sarath Kuruppath has shattered my perception of business relationship and sales performance. He made me better executive”

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“After a session with Sarath Kuruppath, my team and I worked as a well-oiled machinery. Sarath Kuruppath made us realize our roles in the team. He made us see how our input can aid the other members of the team. Now, I’m a happy team leader of an optimum performing team.”

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“Despite my professional qualification and expertise, I restrain my world in a closed circuit. A session with Sarath Kuruppath has helped me to express and share my emotions. Now, I’m comfortably cruising through my professional and personal life at a high gear.”

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“In the business etiquette training session, Sarath Kuruppath’s explanations of business conduct had a seasoned entrepreneur like myself thinking and reconfigure my old-dated concepts.”

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“In the business leadership training session, Sarath Kuruppath has brought out a side of me that I never knew I had. With the help of Sarath sir, I rediscovered myself for the better.”

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“Sarath Kuruppath has helped me to keep my anger in check, which helped a lot and improved my business and personal life. I felt a new man post his training session.”

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“My experience with Sarath Kuruppath has left me inspired knowing his tendency to help other z`making a stretch beyond his professional obligation. Sarath Kuruppath truly cares for the people he trains.”


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